Everyone wants to know how to drive more leads through the door. Do I spend more marketing dollars? Do I make a better widget? Do I need to improve internal operations? The list of questions can be lengthy and we often mentally beat ourselves up trying to find the answers. Maybe the pressure is so high to meet those aggressive growth goals that you end up making bad business decisions.

I have the answer for you in one word, “relax.”

I’ve found many corporations are uptight chasing their tails just to make that next sale. Customers can sense this pressure just like a woman can sniff out a needy man desperate for a date. Take a lesson from Fat Joe and “Lean Back.” Take a moment to develop your corporate swagger and let that story shine. I’m not saying to brag, but confidently showcase the great product/service your organization has to offer.

The Online Disconnect

Online marketing is like giving your sales force a global, 24/7 reference to use to help assist in a sale. Often, a corporate web site can come across just as desperate to make a sale. We can find elements of this desperation in a few ways.

  • Premature calls to action.
  • Constant price slashing on e-commerce web sites.
  • Sales copy written and directing visitors to the point of price.
  • Comparing benefits to competitors without having extreme valuable differences.

When you find this disconnect it can sometimes represent a company trying to be all things to all people in the hope of making more sales. This reminds me of a joke the late Mitch Hedberg use to tell about turkey.

If you go to the grocery store and stand in front of the lunch meat section for too long, you start to get pissed off at turkeys. You see turkey ham, turkey pastrami, turkey bologna -- somebody needs to tell the turkeys, 'Man, just be yourself.' – Mitch Hedberg

In conclusion, work to unify your online marketing message to strengthen your value proposition. Eliminate distractions from your corporate story and anything that does not assist in moving visitors up through your sales funnel. Remember, gravity is working against you and visitors will use any excuse to drop out of your funnel. Keep them engaged and motivated to keep taking those steps until the sale is made.