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“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision.” - Helen Keller


In marketing the Holy Grail is having the ability to measure the return from marketing spend. This is why digital marketing is very attractive and my specialty. Before I begin a campaign I first educate myself on how well a brand is known within the marketplace, current strengths and weaknesses. This allows me to gauge how far and with what velocity I will need to reach my projected goal.

Money velocity is typically a term you would hear within the financial sector, but I’ve learned it also can be applied to marketing campaigns. By measuring key metrics, I can determine what kind of marketing budget is required, and what channels to apply the spend in order to gain my return in the shortest time possible.


Sustainability is just as it sounds. I work to determine for how long my marketing spend can continue into the future producing the same result. Factors that come into play could be new competition, conversion rates, and total market size. This is an area where many corporations run into problems.

You will often find good money chasing bad money in marketing campaigns simply because it had produced positive results in the past. This can be overcome by understanding every campaign has an expiration date, and marketers must not allow the fear of change to paralyze brands, products/services, or an entire organization.


I understand everyone wants to grow and increase profits, but to what expense? It is common knowledge that it is more expensive to acquire new customers compared to keeping current customers. I’ve been associated with companies in the past that experience this whipsaw pattern. The primary focus is cultivating new business, but very little attention is paid to the needs of existing customers. The first step to growth is making sure you have a solid foundation. Work to develop marketing campaigns that target your existing customers and keep them satisfied.

Lastly, understand your reasons for growth. Are you trying to grow to eventually be acquired, become the biggest kid on the block, or simply to keep from becoming extinct?

If you are interested in exploring my three marketing philosophies further I encourage you to contact me.

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Thanks for stopping by and your consideration of my work history and accomplishments. I currently have 6+ years of digital marketing experience with some traditional marketing added to the mix. My background stems from a strong foundation in web development and the execution of marketing communication strategies. I have a primary focus in helping medium to large corporations increase leads and sales through digital marketing. I work tirelessly to bring value and breathe new life into failing marketing campaigns.
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